Utilizing 100% Crock Chain Technology

  • Crock is the active technology powering many crypto currencies.
  • Every year Thousands of Crypto coins and tokens are launched that add nothing new in either usage or technology.
  • Most of them are just copies of copies in a mad rush to get rich.

So we thought we would add one more:-
– Functionally Useless Cryptocurrency Transfers.

Far more than just than another payment system nobody will ever use or yet more animal based meme coin.

Our special Crock chain technology allows the near instant sending of
Fuc-U-s to people all around the world.

  • Yay technology.


Where to buy FUCT

Coming soon to an exchange near you. Or perhaps not year you. It could even be in Russia or South America. It doesn’t really matter so long as they will let you get FUCT


The future of crypto mining
is now truly FUCT

You can mine FUCT on almost any computer. It only takes a few minutes to set up and you will get regular coins deposited into your wallet which you can then send around the world.


Get Your own
Fuc-U coin Wallet

A fun and easy to use wallet for windows with a built in Fuc-U coin Miner